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   BAFL (Baltic amateur floorball league) is founded in 2008 by Gvido Taurins.
This year all tournaments were only in Tīnuži, Latvia.
   In our organized tournaments took part already more than 16 teams: Ikšķile, Tīnūži, ČOMI (Valka), FK Svēte,
F.F.K. LIVONIJA, Bulta (Limbaži), Vircava, Ogre, mshock, Dinamo Jugla, KFT, Kalsnava, Velni, Jūrmala, ZSIC, For Sale, Kandava, FK Ķegums, Cietie Rieksti (all Latvia), Valga (Estonia) and Uzkieteje Vienuolei (Lithuania).
   Our first seasons champions were Ikšķile.
   This isn't one year project. We are looking to the future, and will be pleased to invite more teams from Estonia,
Lithuania and maybe if they are from close country, then others, too.
   Our competition consists from legs. For each leg we make special shedule which we build depending of that, how much teams wan't to take a part.
   More about sport hall. This year we play in Tīnūži primary school's sport hall. It have small field
and bacause that we play 4 on 4 (in team can be more players)
   Referee's. For each tournament we have at least 2 referee's. At the game are only one referee.
   How to take a part. Just send info that you wan't take a part in BAFL to and we
contact you for more info. Participation at each tournament costs Ls 45 (may vary).
Thats about 64 EUR. From new teams we take money transfer.
   Other tournaments. You are welcome to take part in any of our other tournaments. All info in web site.
   Watch our web site.
  • Choose Komandas if you wan't to find some info about teams which took part in 1st BAFL season
  • Choose Foto albums to see some photos from tournaments
  • Choose Kontakti to contact us
  • Choose Kā mūs atrast to see where is our sport hall
This is our new web site and because that some information are lost or not placed yet. I am working for that.
p.s. sorry for my english
Kaspars (Administrator)
© 2008